9ROUND - Destin, FL
Hi neighbors!

I would like to introduce my daughter "Tasha Malek" and tell you all about 9ROUND gym that she is opening in Destin. She just moved here from Houston in December and absolutely excited to 9ROUND gym. The gym is called 9Round! Itís a 30 min full body workout! No class times, Trainer included, workout changes daily and you burn on average of 500 calories in 30 mins. Itís a mixture of boxing, kickboxing and cardio. We are opening at the Plantation Commons (Fresh Market/Home Goods shopping center). We just started our Pre-Registration! We didnít want anyone to miss out on the great deal we are offering to the first 100 members! If you're interested or have questions feel free to contact her. You also can register online at https://www.9round.com/fitness/Destin-FL-x3495

Hope to see you all soon 😊

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Contact: Tasha Malek
Email: tasha.malek@9round.com
Phone: 850-200-0587