In an effort to keep owners informed of on-going projects, maintenance, improvements and any work that may affect anyone who lives or vacations at Xanadu, your Board of Directors will be posting information and updates on this webpage periodically.  This web page will accommodate photos so that can be an additional way to illustrate a particular project.  Board members will post here as they can; however,it is unlikely that all issues or situations will be noted.  

If you want updates on something you don't see here, please feel free to contact any Board Member.

News and Information About Projects


Thanks to our landscape committee headed by Pat McDaniel, we now have new up-lights on several trees and beautiful pathway lighting along our back garden walkway.  The lights make us look like a five-star resort at night.  The photos will be added to the slideshow on Xanadu website's homepage.

XANADU SIGN: Up-date May 2018

The sign has been replaced with a new one that has a slightly lower profile to make it easier for drivers to see pedestrians of bicyclists before driving out onto S. Forest Beach Drive.  The new concrete curb with white stones at the base completes the installation.  New electric service to the sign ensures the sign will always be brightly lit at night.


Many of you will have noticed that our Xanadu sign out at the roadway entrance on South Forest Beach Drive has been in bad repair for a while.  Lately the sign is off its base and is resting against the base but without lighting.  The board working with IMC ordered a new sign months ago and it has taken way longer to be made than promised.  (Partly due to Hurricane Ivy).  

The good news is that the sign should be ready within a week or two at the most and the installation process will begin.  The base of the sign with an area with plants and lights will be all new construction bordered with stone or concrete to protect it.  We will also have a permanent light source for our sign at last.  This involves trenching along the driveway to run an electric cable to the sign from an electric box on Xanadu property.  We will keep you posted as work progresses.


We have noted the algae floating around on the surface of our moat and also under the water.  Sean spoke to the lake doctors about this last week and have asked them to treat the lagoon twice a month with the algae killer that they use until this issue is under control. There are a couple factors that cause all of this algae. The first is the well water pumped in the lagoon promotes the growth of algae. The other issue is the deepness of the lagoon. I believe it is really bad now because the level was dropped a good six inches in preparation of Hurricane Irma. The lake doctors were there on 9/26 and treated the lagoon for algae.  

The moat has become more shallow since Hurricane Mathew flooding and erosion of the banks along the moat.  Dredging the moat needs to be done but is a very expenseve job based on having to build a bridge across to get the dredging equipment on site.  The board is pursuing alternatives to get this done and save some of the cost.

"This summer Xanadu has experienced mold mostly in the stair towers in the upper floors.
Your board had IMC hire a mold cleaning company on 3 occasions or more to remove the mold.
We also approved hiring an engineer to determine the cause. So far we found that the vents on the roof were apparently closed off during the 2005 renovation preventing proper ventilation. We are getting prices to open these up.
We budgeted using the cleaning service when necessary until a permanent solution is obtained.
Owners should contact Sean at IMC if they see mold so that "clean-up" can be scheduled."
"We have had issues with smell and bugs emanating from the trash rooms. The cause has been determined to be that the waste removal company provided larger trash cans with wheels without liners.(Larger cans provided more space for trash and eliminated dragging the cans without wheels over our lobby floors) Sean has directed our cleaning company to remove all trash cans from the trash rooms, clean them out with proper cleanser, and wash the trash room floors before returning the cleaned trash cans. This will continue on an as needed bases or regular intervals."
This passed week the entrance fob device's computer became corrupted. Sean has advised the board that parts for this model have been discontuned and are no longer available. Our supplier will be installing a used temporary unit as per Sean on Monday Oct 16th. The board has approved replacement all systems that won't be available until December at which time all entrance units will be replaced. All details regarding replacement fobs, if necessary, will be resolved before any changes are made.

Contact Info: Alex Sharma