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Board Members & Staff

Board of Directors

These owners serve on a voluntary basis and can be reached via The Tides' office staff using the email address or by calling (850) 837-2819.

President - Jerry Rothlein
Vice President - Sam McKarem
Secretary/Treasurer - R.C. Johnson
Director - Dr. Paul Azar
Director - Charles Chatelain


These Association employees may be reached by calling the office at (850) 837-2819 and/or the guard house at (850) 837-8587. Only the office personnel have access to The Tides' email address.

General Manager/ CAM - Jon McLeod
Administrative Assistant - Amber Elledge
Maintenance - Rock Rodgers
Maintenance - 
Security/Honorary Maintenance - Richard Hanneman
Security - Don Haugen
Security - Edgar Esser

Security - Angela Turner

Housekeeping - Lourdes Fernandez

Contact Info: Amber